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Hi Ken,

I find little time to explain my system, it all started long ago, but I ended up after finding the basic parameters that lead to sound, high emotional charge. "I do not find another izraz.dva the way to a good audio system,

1 lot of money and knowledge;
2.lot work and knowledge and money.

Many go the other way, I think that both are correct.

I find that "'AUDIO SYSTEMS use to improve ourselves," "less for listening to music, of course, there is a conviviality as the basis of all.

My sound sitems, see the picture hanging on the works of 1995-2000 years, and it is evident that the ALTEC at stake, or some variation thereof. I use only Alnico speakers with hanging paper, different manufacturers, most of the old series, KLANG-FILM, TESLA-and ALTEC, Horne IWATA use wooden or ALTEC 811 or 511.Box of multiplex 11 or more laers.

HAND MADE Multiple-Wire cables are silver with cotton insulation capacity between wires to 40pf., Length 3.3 m or more.

Lots of tests were performed with these cables, and comparing the different models. A long time to write it, every problem was solved several years ago, so I have to write shortened, giving the most useful information.

I refer to the amplifier, model or 20w Hiraga 2x8w have been tried, but I opted for OTL-amplifier .. amplifier is a matter of taste and technical lines, which is different for every audiophile.

OTL = technically challenging, high-gain box is needed for transmission mkroinformation, and many give up the big box. More models have been tested mainly the Japanese scheme. in 2010 originated RED OTL, 2x20w -8-16 or more ohms.

*** special power separately, 600W,
*** DC heating of the lamp excitation and input
*** Deferred start high voltage on the 4min.
*** SPECIAL PROTEKTOR for speakers. Several years tested
*** Capacity SIEMENS 4x2700 MF
*** wire military, special purpose and special silver wire made ​​in SWISS, the source laboratory .. total 8 kinds of wires.
*** e88cc TELEFUNKEN, SRPP at the entrance
*** ECC85 Thrower
*** Out 4x 6C33B-C. Russian
*** SCHEMATIC TAKI Japan modified

It was brief.

My sources were the L'Audiophile, but I left and turned to the Japanese, American and old schemes and their experience ..

Figure shows S.E. Amplifier 2x6W; lamps 2e22 directly heated pentode in triode connection at the entrance 6j7, Philips core, and a special way of twisting, in as few sections, and shielding coils makes a small leaking flux. very musical, especially its echo, which gives the lamp itself, and her wide bubble

Long would describe OTL 4xPL519, maybe some other time, if one is interested,,,,

REGARDS and much success in your work,,

Ken: Thanks for the response. Very interesting write up. I like vintage gears too and hope one day I'd be able to check out your stuff in person. Meanwhile, do write back to us once you've time to tell us more about your setup. :)

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