DIY Audio Guide To High Fidelity Audio

A comprehensive DIY audio guide to home stereo / hifi systems; tonnes of data, instructions, and tips to get you embark on your journey towards hifi nirvana.

The topics covered here would be: high fidelity (hifi) audio, CD, source (CD Player, CD Transport, digital media player), DAC (digital-to-analog converter), vinyl (LP), turntable (LP player), tonearm, cartridge, phono stage, pre-amplifier (linestage), power amplifier, integrated amplifier, loudspeaker, interconnect, speaker cable, power cord, power line conditioner, accessories, tweaks, tips and tricks, music, do it yourself (DIY) audio, and etc!

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Have you ever thought that you could DIY your own HIFI equipment and sounded great? I had never thought that I could until I started reading, researching and actually doing it myself! It is actually much easier than I thought. I never looked back since and here I am today...

Every component in the hifi / stereo systems holds the key towards achieving a great musical experience. "A chain is only as strong as its weakest link." says it all. It is all about optimizing the whole system and creating the synergy between all the different components - room acoustics, isolation, placement, equipment support, power source, music source, interconnect, amplifier, cable, speaker, and etc.

Sometimes some may appear to be insignificant but it would make or break the quality of the reproduced sound or audio.

Amplified Parts

With DIY Audio Guide, we hope to share our experiences to help readers DIY their own system, and not forgetting to learn from them as well. In this line, it is a never ending road for learning new skills on audio reproduction.

There are also a lot of snake oil, myths and common misunderstanding out there as well and hope we could get it demystified, clarified & rectified here.

Just read, understand and follow through the vast articles published through this website to a journey of discoveries and marvel. Outlet Center

Want to show off your work or get yourself, your projects discovered?!?!

We'll have you create a Web page about YOU, your projects, your knowledge, including photos about the type of audio systems you have, your DIY audio projects and what you did on this subject matter.

What we need is genuine interest in the this field and time to compose exciting, fun, creative, interesting, and knowledge based articles on the following fields of interest:

  • amplifiers (solid state, vacuum tubes, pre / power / passive, power supplies)
  • speakers & crossovers (all types)
  • DAC (digital to analog converter)
  • cables
  • music sources (various music players)
  • references (basic electronics, books, magazines, notes)
  • stereo / hifi system setup & tweak
  • isolation / power conditioners / filters
  • wood / metal-working
  • AV show & gathering coverages
  • home theater system
  • component technology

Tell us about your best DIY audio projects!

Please drop me an email if you are interested. Authors will be credited for their contributions and they get to have a page on their own about their personal profiles!

Check out why I'm so into SBI! You will never regret viewing this video. 101% highly recommended!

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Ken Loo 3/19/2011

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