Zu Audio Soul Superfly

Quite some time has passed since I’m with the new setup. Both the amplifier and Zu Audio Soul Superfly have run in considerably and things have improved substantially. So, I took this opportunity to shoot a film about it and let you guys have a look at the system in detail.

Here are the details about the video taken:

  • A-mei’s song playing in the background
  • 5687 - 6B4G direct heated single ended triode amplifier with 5U4GB tube rectifier
  • Soul Superfly
  • Topaz Ultra Isolation Transformer
  • DIY Schumann Resonator
  • PS Audio – Noise Harvester
  • Monitor Acoustics power distributor with RFI / EMI filter

The GE 5-star 5687 lights up quite nicely in dark room! The two tubes in the middle are the RCA 6B4G, followed by the RCA 5U4GB tube rectifier.

There’s a little tweak that I’ve done to improve the system furthermore. My listening room sofa is slightly higher than optimal. So I’ve to do something about the speaker height to get it to the optimal level.

I purchased a 2x2 20mm thick granite slab and slotted it under the Soul Superfly speaker. Between the floor and the granite slab, a rosewood cylinder is used as support and isolation. A tip for Soul Superfly users, tune the nuts and bolts underneath the speaker to make sure the speaker stands firmly on the floor.

Both the tweaks improved the bass substantially! I don’t think I can live without them. Try it and you will never regret it! You can see how I did it in the video. It adds about 2” to the speaker.

12/6/2011 - Thanks to Mark for suggesting a thick rug in front of the setup too.

13/6/2011 - I received quite a number of responds from the readers and have taken their feedback to change the song used in the video. Right now the setup is playing with Diana Krall's "Girl In The Other Room" album.

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