Nana Mouskouri Story

Nana Mouskouri Story

Nana Mouskouri is a Greek. I thought that she sings in English and certainly Greek too but obviously I was wrong because she is "super-duper-multilingual" in that she also sings in French, Dutch, German, Hebrew and many other languages though I could not imagine that she sings in Mandarin too! Please enlighten me had anyone herein ever listened to Nana's albums/songs in Mandarin.

Highly likely most could not have guessed let alone known that Nana has sold nearly 400 million records (it may have been reported in Wikipedia) during her music career spanning over the last five decades wow... hard to believe huh? Why not make your parts of the claimed number?

If you are audiophiles, what albums of Nana have you collected? Anything to rave? Shamefully but truthfully, I wonder if Nana has published any album of audiophile qualities but innocently musically, I want to introduce/re-introduce and share this: Nana Mouskouri- Story!!!

Nana Mouskouri - Story

Story is a compilation made in Taiwan. Please do not ask for any explanation but allow me to claim ignorance. In fact this compilation is pretty hard to find, physically or through online sources for some reasons not known to me. Maybe more constructively, just allow me to share with you many of my favorite tracks e.g. Song for Liberty; The Rose; Chiquitita; I Have a Dream; Amazing Grace; Recuerdos; and Habanera.

Nana has beguiling vocal to offer; therefore I am sometimes addicted to listening to her vocal, notwithstanding what she sings. There somehow exists some element which attracts me to listen again and again. Recording wise, huge surrounding/enveloping soundstage throws out complimented by choir of tens of people; the unbounded-ness unfolds itself especially when choir comes up in full force. You may visualize how grand could be the music presentations!!!

By and large any listening room may offer insufficient space for the music to reproduce to its intended scale unless all walls have been effectively "demolished" by means of reasonably optimal speaker placements coupled with certain necessary acoustical treatments, they are excellent recordings indeed!

The orchestra backing makes each presentation serious and utmost musical, Nana's articulate vocal demonstrates highly skilful interpretation with special mention of Amazing Grace which is one of the best I have ever auditioned thus far. Recuerdos is a track of non-word singing throughout which finds immense musicality underlying. Track 15- No Me Da Miedo Morir Junto a Ti is a very mesmerizing piece though I could not understand a single word therein.

Most worthy mention is none other than Nana's rendition of The Rose for which I must raise both my thumbs! Fellow audiophiles, in all seriousness I humbly recommend that you check out Nana's rendition of The Rose!!! And before I forget, be reminded to check out Habanera which is very good too!

That's all for Nana Mouskouri Story music album, stay tuned for more!

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