My DIY journey on tube amp

by SSS333

I started my modification and DIY of Hifi around 2007. The 1st DIY project is the simple CAT 5 speaker cable which is low risk.

Then around 2008 I started to DIY tube amp, 1st project is the single 2C51/5670 tube preamp, then 5687 common cathode as recommended in diyparadise ‘s website. Then I seems addicted to DIY and can’t stop. Below are some of the project I had done for myself and friends.

Tube preamp/buffer:

Tube had been used: 5687, 2C51(5670), 12AU7, 12AX7, 5814A and etc. Rectifier tested in tube and solid state. For tube rectifier 6X4, 5W4 is used.

a) Single tube common cathode (2C51, 5687, 12AX7)
b) SRPP: (2x5687, 2x12AU7 and 2x5814A)
c) Cascode (2x5687)
d) Cathode follower (2C51, 12AU7, 5687)
e) Clone Marantz M7

Tube integrated / power amp: (All use tube rectifier such as 5W4, 5U4GB, 5AZ4, 5Z3 and so on
1) 5687SRPP-1626SE (both cap coupling and direct couple).
2) 5687SRPP-1626PSE (both cap coupling and direct couple).
3) 12AX7-1626-1626
4) 5814A-1626-1626
5) 5814A-5687-300B
6) 5687SRPP-300B
7) 5687-1626-300B
8) 5814A-1626-300B
9) 6BC4-1626-300B
10) 5687Cascode-300B

Next project--> 1626-45


Comments from Ken:

Nice to hear from you SS Wong! It seems like you're having the same fever as me! I'm a fan of triodes and direct heated triodes. You've quite some interesting projects there as well.

I wonder if you'd be interested to get your project write up posted in the DIY tube amplifier section? I'm sure the readers of would love to see the details.

Check out my comments on tubes here as well:

Keep up the good work and hope to hear from you too!


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Jul 31, 2013
good NEW
by: gtime

i like it all

Jul 18, 2011
Comment from sss333
by: sss333

Dear Ken,

I like triode in SE mode, my project more on low cost triode. Since you like DIY SET, we shall meet up 1 day for sharing.

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