GRP All-Star Big Band

GRP All-Star Big Band!

GRP All-Star Big Band

Big Swing Band Time! GRP All-Star Big Band!

HeartHeartHeart – Heart Heart Heart, or Heart Hear The Art?!?!?!

I bought this album back in early/mid 90’s. That was the time when I graduated from mini HIFI. Could you visualize my gung-ho face back then? To allow more witness to tell the material time, perhaps it traced back after the release of Verve Jazz Master Series that actually got me pulled into jazz music.

From the 1st spin, oops... painful mistake, why have I bought it? This kind of music could offer relax after work? "Swingy" noisy, chingchingching thoombthoomb dardar dhidhar... Annoyingly noisy, isn't it? Numerous pieces of instruments arranged in big-band swingy styles were truly annoying; I just couldn't hate it more. As such, I never allowed any chance of redemption and soon, umpteen years passed...

To briefly describe this album, without elaborate, I use these words/short terms:

  • big band / complex music / loud / dynamics
  • unexpected excitement / improvisive-ness
  • superior soloists / flawless big band
  • high level energy / liveliness

This GRP All-Star Big Band album probably doesn't require any special mention on the skillfulness of any individual artist but the Big Band as one collective music maker in its very one-ness state, the lively interaction between/among artists was just flawless and probably never found elsewhere on our mother earth!

Each track in this GRP All-Star Big Band album is made of flawless joint efforts of all the artists though at times there are solo passages which I ever long to treasure. The unspoken understanding comes up as if everyone knows what exactly each other is playing without any reference point, the flow is just smooth like oil flowing through highly lubricated passage, in other words, the spontaneity is just supreme as if the emotions are flowing out from the hearts to touch the audience without any instrument!

Each solo passage is like one talking to others, maybe many talking to one at times, but sometimes all competes in talking like Chinese Opera, some asks, some answers, some argues, some sings, some backs up etc harmonious acts. Each shows his unique styles, none appears slouch, and essentially all makes the most beautiful big band sonic shows I've ever "watched" with my ears!

During each playback GRP All-Star Big Band, it appeared as if I was listening to it for the very 1st time as there was just the highest degree of unexpected excitement / improvisive-ness which never ever dwindled. I reckon this is just the truest life of the music immortalized in superb recordings! The energy levels are vigorously fluctuating, excitedly interesting to have triggered much adrenalin flow, I could have been too "hot" to stop spinning this album whenever have I started.

That much said, enjoyable playback of any music doesn't present like granted, I reckon certain prerequisites of any setup are indispensable to unfold the immense musicality deeply locked within but being this a write-up about music, let’s leave aside the capabilities of hardware. Believe me, many home auditions have I made with this album thus far, less than a handful of setups could fair with reasonably impactful, good definitive low frequencies, well-bodied sound with good sonic weight and good separation of instruments.

Whether one may treasure the well-hidden immense musicality or take the challenge of the prerequisites, grab a copy before further thought. Believe me again, this album does challenge your setups but did I claim survival?

Note: check out the yellowish white cover of my copy, which has stood the test of time.

Author: Heart Hear The Art

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