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Where is a good place to find DIY speaker projects? Let me show you!

Parts Express has been my favorite DIY store since many years ago that I can’t even remember when my 1st purchase was and what did I buy.

Other than getting parts audio, video and speaker building components from Parts Express, there is one other thing that I like about them – their DIY projects page! I find it very education and sometimes the projects really give me hints on what my next project would be!

Click on any image in this page to go to Parts Express website!

Parts Express diy projects

Their DIY project pages are very detailed, with drawings, great pictures, construction instructions, schematics and finished product images! If you like their DIY projects; just get the components direct from them! All the components are available from their shop. They sell enclosures as well!

Their projects cover:

  • Bookshelf speakers
  • Mini tower speakers
  • Unique form factor speakers – engine shape, vintage slot machine look, “alien technology”
  • HIFI sofa
  • In-wall speakers
  • 5.1 speakers system
  • Single full range driver speaker
  • Subwoofers
  • Horn speakers
  • Pool side speakers
  • Flat / stealth speakers
  • Gigantic line arrays
  • Garage speakers
  • Center speakers
  • Car speakers
  • Voigt pipes
  • Speaker stand
  • MTM speakers
  • Tube speakers
  • Etc

The projects that I find interesting are:

  • Knuckleheads – speaker that looks like engine
  • Seismic Sofa – rock your sofa
  • 3CR-Ti – single full range driver in a dual chamber reflex (3CR)
  • Sphericles – sphere shape speakers
  • RS1200 / Triska Sub / The Drake – subwoofers, oh yeah!
  • Tritrix – transmission line speaker
  • Totally Tubular – tube speakers
  • Colossi / Kuze3201 – line array speaker
  • Boogieman – stealth subwoofer
  • The Pipes – pipe speaker

How do you access the DIY projects? Just follow the simple steps below:

  • Click on the image below to go to Parts Express
  • Click on Speaker Building on the menu tab
  • Click on Speaker Projects on the bottom right

Step 1

Speaker Building

Step 2

View all diy projects

This will get you occupied for quite some time! The DIY project pages would be good summer or winter reading materials! Enjoy the read!

Ken 7/27/2011

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